What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal that was popular thousands of years ago in Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia. The technique is described in Egyptian hieroglyphics and in writings from the Turkish Empire.

Rediscovered ancient arts often are found to be the most effective methods, and this is clearly the case with sugaring. The technique is not more commonly available because it is a true art that takes much practice to perfect – watching the finger dexterity and curvaceous hand motions is fascinating! Licensed aestheticians who are highly trained sugarist become “artists”!

The pure, 100 percent natural sugar “paste” – consisting of sugar, lemon juice, guar gum and water blended into a substance that looks and feels like honey – is more effective, more sanitary and less painful than any other hair removal process.

How does sugaring work?

At Fadeless Beauty, sugar paste at lukewarm temperature is massaged onto the skin by a gloved hand and then molded against the natural direction of hair growth. With a flicking motion the hair is gently removed in the direction that the hair grows.

Sugaring removes hair while it is in the early growth stage – as young as 10 to 14 days – which minimizes unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs, all while exfoliating dry skin cells. The result is beautifully smooth skin.

There is hardly an inch of the body that can’t be sugared from the eyebrows to the ankles. Fadeless Beauty does it all – in an environment designed to ensure your privacy and comfort. You are put at ease, beginning each visit with a discussion about your specific needs. Many clients on their first visit aren’t exactly sure where they want to “draw the line” for a bikini or Brazilian. We can leave some hair – often in a simple design – and then you can decide if you like it. More hair can always be removed, right to the Bare-All – smooth all over!

In collaboration, we’ll define your line!

Before sugaring, the skin is cleansed and powdered. Depending on what service you are requesting, you may be dressed in your own bikini or Speedo, or covered with a towel that is discreetly maneuvered by your sugarist.

Because the skin must be tightly stretched for good results, you will be asked to help stretch and position your “parts” for the sugarist. You may also be asked to be in somewhat unusual positions.

After sugaring, there is care for you to do, such as exfoliating regularly to keep your skin safe and smooth for the next few weeks. There also are products that can help soothe the skin and maintain its health between sugarings that we'll visit in detail before you leave your appointment.

The healthy way to go bare!

What are the advantages of sugaring versus wax?

Sugaring is often compared with waxing because both are spread onto the hair and then pulled off. But that is where the comparison ends, and in many ways sugar is the opposite of wax!

  • Sugar pulls in the natural direction of hair growth; wax pulls the hair against its natural growth pattern, often causing rashes and ingrown hairs. Sugar is 100% natural, with no resin or chemicals; all wax products contain resins.
  • Sugar is applied with the gloved hand — no spatula or cotton strips required.
  • Sugar will never burn the skin, as it is barely lukewarm; hot wax can burn and bruise the skin.
  • Sugar does not stick to live skin cells; wax adheres to live skin cells and when removed pulls the skin, increasing the risk of tearing and redness.
  • Sugaring is so gentle it can be used to remove the vellus hair that grows on some women’s faces, and is safe to remove hair on the male scrotum; wax is risky for both.
  • Sugar is a hypoallergenic natural healer of the skin; wax damages fine tissue cells.
  • Bacteria does not breed or survive in sugar; it does in wax.
  • Sugar is water soluble so cleanup is easy; wax requires solvents to clean.

How often can I sugar?

The best results occur when sugaring regularly.

After the first sugaring, the hair should be removed early during the growth cycle. Hair growth is faster for some than others, but the usual recommendation is to get sugared every 3-6 weeks.

If you return for a “maintenance sugaring” within that time period you will be offered a discount. As you continue sugaring, fewer and fewer hairs will grow back, and eventually, the time period between sugarings can be lengthened.

What exactly is the difference between a Bikini and a Brazilian and all the other names?

There are many “cute and clever” terms for hair removal of the “nether regions.” At Fadeless Beauty, we use names that actually describe what hair remains after your treatment. The bottom line is that within health and safety guidelines we will remove hair from wherever you wish, customizing your sugaring exactly the way you want it!

The Bikini/Speedo Line – The Bikini/Speedo Line removes hair in about a 3-inch strip around the line of your bikini or Speedo (or low-rider briefs/panties) … but removes none of the hair underneath. It includes the hair on the pubis bone just above the bikini, and also along the front of the thighs and the inner thighs (and the back of the thighs if necessary). If you choose you can actually wear underwear or a bathing suit for your sugaring, and I'll work around what you have on, however it may get sticky.

The Thong Brazilian – The Thong Brazilian removes all hair except what would be covered by a thong or G-string (and yes, men do wear thongs). The name comes from Brazilian women who were the first to wear thong bathing suits. In the front, hair is removed above, below and around the privates, but not the privates themselves (leaving hair on the labia for women, and on the penis and scrotum for men). The Thong Brazilian in the back includes the butt and the cleft of the butt cheeks but not the anus. During Thong sugaring you can actually wear a thong or G-string if you choose, or have your sugarist maneuver a towel as needed. "The Thong" is also called the Extended Bikini. Other names include the Basic Brazilian and the Mediterranean.

The Bare-All Brazilian – The Bare-All Brazilian removes all hair from the privates, front and back (with the possible exception of a design described below). The Bare-All Brazilian is a Thong Brazilian plus the labia for women or the penis and scrotum for men – and if requested the entrance to the anus. The Bare-All has many nicknames: The Full Monty, the Sphinx, the GuyZilla, the L.A. Bikini, The Extreme Brazilian and the Hollywood.

Designs – Designs are quite popular for women who get the Bare-All Brazilian, usually a line on the mons pubis known as a “landing strip.” It also can be a heart, a star or virtually any simple shape that you desire. Some men get designs, too!


Can I sugar if I'm using Accutane (Sotret or Claravis)?

Absolutely not. These medications are an oral Vitamin A analog which affects the whole body and can cause severe drying and thinning of the skin. There is a high risk of permanent damage to the skin if you sugar while on this treatment. Wait at least 6 months after discontinuation of these medications before receiving a sugaring treatment.

Can I sugar if I'm using Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac or Differin?

Applied topically these products cause an increased amount of shedding and can thin the skin significantly. It is not recommended that you sugar or wax the areas where these medications are applied. Wait at least 3 months after the discontinuation of these products before sugaring.

Do I need to be a certain age to get a basic bikini, extended bikini or Brazilian service?

Yes, if you're under 18, we require you to be accompanied by a parent or guardian for your first service. Once you and your guardian have signed off on our initial intake form, you are free to fly solo to all future appointments.

This will be my first Brazilian. What can I expect? Will it hurt? Will I have some irritation, redness?

You're removing hair by the root, it will probably sting a bit. If you keep to a regular schedule most clients say the pain decreases significantly. (Keep in mind that sugaring is gentler than waxing so it won't hurt as much as if you waxed the area). Irritation and redness are common responses, due to the histamine reaction caused by the removal of the hair by the root. Regular sugaring will desensitize your skin and cause less irritation. Regular sugaring also reduces the thickness of residual hair growth.

What exactly is a brazilian?

It is the sugaring or waxing of all pubic hair. For women it includes the labia and anal region. For men it includes the penis, scrotum and anal region.

What if I want to leave a little hair when I get my Brazilian?

We strive to give each client individual attention, so we'll be happy to work with you to create the look you desire.

How often should I sugar?

Typically every 3 - 4 weeks. Sugaring allows us to remove hairs as short as 1/16 of an inch although we recommended that the hair be between 1/16-1/8 inch for the best results.

How sanitary is sugaring?

Very!! There is NO risk of cross-contamination because we use only pure sugar paste with clean, gloved hands. It's so clean and pure you can eat the sugar right out of the pot.

I leave the waxing salon sticky or greasy will this happen if I sugar?

Sugar is water-soluble, so just a little water will remove any sticky residue from your skin and clothing. There's no risk of damaging your clothes and no solvents are ever used on the skin.

Can I tan right before or after I sugar?

Please allow 24 hours prior to and after sugaring before you tan. If you have a sunburn do not get sugared in that area, as your skin is more sensitive and could cause the skin to tear and scar.

Can I work out or go to the gym?

Working out before your sugaring appointment is fine, but please rinse off before coming in for your appointment. It is best to wait 24 hours after sugaring to work out as your follicles are open and sweat and dirt can add to skin irritation.