Skin Therapy:

A 90 Minute Organic Skin Care Therapy Treatment. I mix what your skin needs in the moment, and you are educated about the current condition of your skin .

Your treatment will always include organic botanical phytonutrients along with the guidance of firming and healing methods and equipment. $120

Body Contouring Fat Burning &

Cellulite Reduction Treatment

60 minutes: $90

90 minutes: $120

Series of 3 sessions: $330

I combine fat-busting techniques using Ultra cavitation, Bi Polar and Tripolar RF with suction. It’s the latest and most advanced technology on the market today. Ultrasound cavitation causes the air bubbles around the lipocyte or fat cell membranes to break down. The broken lipocyte is then absorbed by the lymphatic system and then released out of the body. This treatment demonstrates strong, visible results with no down time.

Advantages: Safe, effective, non-invasive, painless, improved cell metabolism and no downtime.

Expected results: Cellulite reduction, body contouring and shaping, skin firming and rejuvenation, improved muscle elasticity and tone. A general reduction of waist, abdomen, thighs, and arms.


Brazilian (Men & Women) all hair within the bikini area $75

Maintenance Brazilian all hair within the bikini area within 3-4 weeks of initial Brazillian $65

Bikini all hair outside the bikini line, just above the thigh. $40

Extended Bikini all hair outside the bikini line, streamlining shape on top and sides. $55

Buttocks all hair from buttock cheeks $30

Intergluteal Cleft all hair in-between buttock cheeks $15

Abs all hair from the abdomen $40

Chest all hair from the chest $55

Chest/Abs all hair from the chest to waist $80

Shoulders all hair from the base of the neck to the shoulders $25

Back all hair from base of neck to waist $65

Low Back all hair from mid-back to waist $45

Arms ~ Women (1/2) all hair from elbow to wrist $40

Arms ~ Women (full) all hair on the entire arm $50

Arms ~ Men (1/2) all hair from elbow to wrist $50

Arms ~ Men (full) all hair on the entire arm $70

Axilla all hair under the arms $25

Legs ~ Women (full) all hair from upper thigh to toes $75 & up

Legs ~ Men (full) all hair from upper thigh to toes $90

Half Legs all hair from above the knee to toes $50

Brows the shaping of brows using a combination of sugaring and tweezing $25

Face all hair on cheeks, lip and chin $50

Ears all hair on lobes and rim $5

Nose the removal of most hair inside nostrils $5

Cheeks all hair on the cheeks $25

Lips all hair on upper lip $12

Chin all hair on and around the chin $12

Jawline all hair on the jawline $25

Neck all hair from the neck $25

Hands all hair from hands $20

Nipples all hair around the nipples $5

Feet all hair on the top of the feet and toes $15

Sideburns the removal of sideburn hair on the cheeks $15

Hairline the removal of hair along the hairline. $25

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