Organic Skin Therapy

Organic herbal, botanical phytonutrients and vitamins are used to encourage your skin back to health and vitality in combination with the latest equipment to guide that process and stimulate collagen and elastin.

Lymph drainage around the face and neck help to detox. Tri-Polar, LED, galvanic, microderm, microcurrent, and cold laser are used for optimal firming and healing effects.

I also teach you how to continue the regeneration process at home using tools such as the facial massage video you see to the right.

One of several gemstone elixirs used is crafted of Amber and has been scientifically tested and proven to activate anti-aging cells.

Click here to read the Genemarker study of Ambra-Lift.

Hair Removal via


The removal of hair using the ancient art of sugaring ~ a time-honored technique perfected thousands of years ago.

This pure, 100% “sugar paste” – which looks and feels like honey – is most sanitary, less painful than all other epilation methods, and healing for the skin.

Body Contouring Fat Burning & Cellulite Reduction Treatment

I combine fat-breaking techniques using Ultra cavitation, Bi-Polar and Tripolar RF with suction. It’s the latest and most advanced technology on the market today.

Ultrasound cavitation causes the air bubbles around the lipocyte or fat cell membranes to break down. The broken lipocyte is then absorbed by the lymphatic system and liver and then released out of the body.

This treatment demonstrates strong, visible results with no downtime.

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Facial Massage w/ Cate Petit ~ 10 minutes